It is by now recognized that a correct and well-balanced diet and strengthend the defences of our organism against diseases. For this reason, both the National Health Plan and the European Program for the Consumer’s Safeguard give a great importance to the information and education on dietary habits of the population. Also the European Campaign on food safety ranges from the hygienic-sanitary requirements of a diet to the nutritional ones and underlines how largely our well-being depends on our food habits and life-style. Bearing in mind few but fundamental notions and rules can help improve our health conditions and reduce the risk area. It is with this precise intent that IFSE has decided to propose itself as an association aiming at the promotion of any initiative for the spreading of a correct information, organizing courses, conventions and events. Our primary goal is not to be considered a traditional coking school but, for the first time, we would like to bring to our teaching desks chefs and doctors, in order to offer our students an important service and to spread all over the world a new concept of Italian cuisine: healthy and riskless for the consumer. We would like to stress the fact that many cooks, in Italy and abroad, are not yet aware of the risks run by those suffering from intolerances and allergies. Moreover, many of those working in the world of fashion or engaged in sports activities do not know exactly what it would be better to eat and what should be avoid to keep fit for their kind of work.

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Paolo De Maria with the Ambassador of Italy Massimo Andrea Leggeri(left) and IFSE Director Raffaele Trovato